Available as a plugin for text editors
Get all the Excel-like functions rirectly in your product


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You can simply get all the Excel-like functions in your product, in less than a day.
We can also offer custom integrations, tailored to the needs of your business.
We are operating in a plugin model, which means that you get all the funcions directly in your application. You can also adapt the style to the look and feel of your program, so the branding stays invariable. The matter that changes is the ease and comfort of using one product for both text and numbers; without ping- ponging and copy-pasting.
How it works
One-day integration and development
We will help you integrate Reactivepad with your product on any level you need.

Guiding through the whole process of adaptation and learning how to use its best.
For managers, sales people, to get the most of the combination of your product and Reactivepad

Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
Technical Overview
See how it goes from the inside
Reactivepad consists of the calculation engine which is responsible for:

  • parsing formulas, which means tokenizing string like =SUM(table1[Column1]) + 100, then resolving and evaluating dependencies
  • performing the actual calculations (with the support for ~380 Excel functions)
  • ensuring consistency across the formula dependency graph, i.e. change in "a" recalculates "b" given that "b" is derived from "a" (directly or not)
On top of that, there is a view layer that consumes the outcomes of the calculation engine and presents them in the UI. We use React components here as they naturally react to data changes and re-update the UI.

The last part is the plugins system for the text editors, i.e. for DraftJS and ProseMirror, both of which integrate the previous parts into editors' architecture. They allow placing formulas within the textual content, right in-between words. It ensures that often very dynamic changes in formulas characters' length on recalculations (i.e. like "10" becomes "10000") don't break the document flow and the content stays consistent.

Apart from inline formulas, there are also spreadsheet-like tables which are rendered as atomic blocks. Reactivepad stores formulas & tables JSON data inside editors document structure. This is necessary so that formulas are not lost after closing the document as well as they can be restored when the document is reopened.

At last, the plugin is responsible to sync formulas from the document with the calculation engine.

Reactivepad is completely client-side and we do not have access to any of your data, nor we use any kind of analytics.

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